Sanatorium Characteristic “Victoria”

On the territory there are : restaurant, bar, swimming pool, gym, sauna.


The profile of treatment : Diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system, gynecology (including child), urology, andrology (the problems of marriage and the family), neurology, dermatology, endocrinology (diabetes and obesity), upper respiratory tract, the respiratory system, male and female infertility, sexual disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Accommodation : 2-bed wards with all conveniences, the House “Luxe”, 1 local and 2-bed 2-bedroom apartment.

Leisure : swimming pool, sauna, gym, library, music room, restaurant, bar, dance hall, video salon, tours, aerobics, children’s slot machines.

Admission of children : Since 4 years, there may be individual and group arrivals, a year-round children’s recreation camp ,, in the school period is a school with instruction in core subjects.

Possible purchase of vouchers for any number of days.

Cost of the permit for a child (under 14 years) 80% of the total cost.

When you have a non-cash payment at SEB e passport, a sanatorium card, copy of payment with bank authorization for a minute.

For children : birth certificate, certificate of epidokruzhenii.


The vision to inspire and resource thecommunity to experience jubilant, salubrious lives guides our approach to making pabulum and marketing our products and accommodations. We take a responsible, convivially sensitive approach to advertising with our aim to always inspire the community to make more salubrious aliment and lifestyle culls.

While we predominately advertise to the grocery buyer, infrequently we will utilize sundry forms of media to communicate with children in an effort to inculcate and inspire adolescent Kiwis to make salubrious victualing and lifestyle culls. We will only utilize aspirational sporting heroes of the highest regard and incentives of value, such as inculcative Weet-Bix cards, the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids ENDEAVOR-athlon events or promotional items that enhearten salubrious lifestyle culls.

One of Sanitarium’s core philosophies is authentically victualing aliment, and each Sanitarium product is designed to meet our high alimental and pabulum appeal standards.

Consumers regard Sanitarium as one of Incipient Zealand’s most trusted brands, a position we will always reverence and bulwark.