Sanatorium “Victoria” is situated within one of the most famous resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters – in Yessentuki. In addition to natural sources of healing water, the region is famous for its excellent mild climate, clean air, a large number of sunny days per year and the beautiful nature. The sanatorium is located in the foothills of the band, the slopes are covered with magnificent deciduous forest, near a river. In addition, the resort location advantage is the proximity of the lake Tambukan, silt mud is used for medicinal purposes.

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Essentuki – not only an excellent place for healing the body and enjoying the natural scenery, it is also a city full of historic monuments and entertainment facilities. Vacationers are easy to reach them because the health center is not far from the city center and very close to the medical park.

If it’s your first time in Sanatorium “Victoria”, you can avail welcome promotion code and enjoy your stay in our resort. You can experience the beauty of nature while relaxing on our spa massage treatment and you don’t even have to worry for your budget because of the great deals offered.  Internet en digitale tv connection are also available upon request – be sure to have it ‘marked’ when booking.

It operates physiotherapy department, offering all the necessary treatment, doctors of various specialties. Urologist hold treatment of inflammatory diseases of the urinary system drips.

Optometrist will give expert advice, will hold a selection of glasses, and appropriate treatment.

Physician pulmonologist offer group lessons on technique on Buteyko, medical and spa treatment in hospitals on the basis of sanatorium “Victoria”.

All the necessary research you get from an experienced allergist.

You will find a highly skilled expert beauticians who owns the difficult diagnostics for rare dermatosis. Here, serious illness such as neurodermatitis are cared for just like the parship dating review app. A wide range of cosmetic services like the treatment liquid nitrogen to treat surface wrinkles, hair loss, removal of papillomas, warts and other lesions, carried epilation, ksantilazm removal, treatment of acne and many more. The resort will help your skin to find fresh and healthy, and your confidence too.

You can also get advice cardiologist, surgeon, endocrinologist and other specialists.

Sanatorium "Victoria" Essentuki

Massages. Remove the pain in the joints and spine, improve circulation, help you to acquire vigor and overall non-contact massage performed by experienced therapists, underwater shower massage, swimming pool, hydrotherapy, exercise therapy.

The only region in radioimmunoassay laboratory conducts radioimmunoassay of hormones and other biologically active substances, that allows you to quickly and accurately determine the state of the endocrine system. This is important in various diseases (post-radiation syndrome, oncological diseases, infertility, post-infarction states, etc.).

The resort operates hospitals (double and single rooms with all facilities, fridge, TV), which allows to conduct a comprehensive examination and treatment of persons who arrived with the aggravation of diseases gastrointestinal tract, gynecology, andrology, urology, neurology, ENT and respiratory organs, diabetes et al., with possible subsequent transfer to the spa treatment .

Booking for treatment in the facility is also available online.  The resort is an affiliate of most online booking companies that offer discounts and coupons especially when you use รหัสส่วนลด advice online.  Most of their clients from abroad do this to ensure their slot at the resort, thus lessening the cumbersome process of having to find accommodation that best suit the budget.

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Because of its serene location, most patients that come here experience faster recovery.  Recovery rates are higher compared to other facilities found around the globe, which is mostly contributed by clean and quite environment.